The Details:

This course will provide CE approved hours varying by state. Please see below for further details.

About the Course:

This course prerequisite is to be licensed as a barber, cosmetologist, esthetician, hair braider, makeup artist, lash technician.

Before purchasing this course, you MUST email a copy of the certificate you completed your previous training in, as well as a copy of your professional license. ***Student's certificate will be reviewed by Elleebana HQ and must be approved in order to take the course***Once approved, you will be instructed to purchase this course. Are you already certified in brow lamination but want to switch to Elleebana without taking a full training course? Elleebana now offers an online brow lamination conversion course! Eligible Students: In order to complete this course the student will need to have a pre-existing knowledge and understanding of the brow lamination application. They will need to have trained with another brand (and provide a copy of the other brand certificate to be approved) and have a well-developed knowledge of the following: - • Eye anatomy • Hair and lash structure. • Client/technician wellbeing and self-care • Health, safety and sanitation • Eye shapes and face considerations when performing a brow lamination

Elleebana Official Online CONVERSION Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination Course

This Conversion Certification Course is organized by Brilliance Advanced Beauty Education, LLC. One of our educators and official Elleebana trainer will be working alongside you throughout the course, and assessing your case studies. Once purchased, you will be contacted by the trainer within 24 hours. Student will receive an Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion 10 pack of lamination sachets and certificate as part of this package. For your training, you are granted access to the NEW Online Training Dashboard for 90 days to work through the material at your own pace. You will then submit 5 passing case studies to receive your official Elleebana certification. If you do not feel confident or qualified and/or do not meet these requirements, please do not purchase this course. You can be fully trained with our complete online Brow Lamination course. You will have access to the NEW Elleebana Online Academy Dashboard to assist you. Once verified and purchased, your course materials will be shipped to you. You will receive an email from the Elleebana Academy with your login information to gain access to the online certification course. Once you have done your case studies, we will provide for an assessment of your work and to complete your criteria checklist.
Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion

Important Details (MUST READ)

PLEASE READ Online training is available as an alternative to a hands on course. There are hands on courses throughout the country. To check that schedule search at Not all Elleebana trainers offer CE hours. Check with each trainer to verify if opting for a hands on course. IMPORTANT •MUST be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician •Email a copy of your professional license to *PLEASE note you have 90 days from the day of your initial online training to complete your case studies for certification Fees are NON refundable, class date can be transferred to an alternative date to accommodate a conflict in scheduling. Retainer fees and class tuition are NOT refundable. Only in case of emergency may student credit paid fees to another class given by Elleebana within 6 months. *Kits are included in the tuition fee and may only be provided to student when attending class. Kits will not be given to No Shows. *Elleebana products and services can only be used or provided by Certified ElleebanaTM technicians. Allowing an uncertified technician to use your kit contents is prohibited and may result in revocation of your certification from Elleebana TM. *Only Master Trainers designated by ElleebanaTM may train others in ElleebanaTM techniques and product use. Technicians may not train others. Failure to comply will result in revocation of your certification and purchasing privileges. *The completion of this course does not qualify or certify you to perform, for compensation, the services or procedures taught. Performing the services or procedures taught in this course for compensation requires that the provider be properly licensed in the State of which the services or procedures are performed. It is your responsibility to be aware of all applicable laws and regulations regarding the performance of these services. You will be contacted with in 24 hours set up your Training!

Continuing Education Approved for:

Below is the list of CE Hour approval. Please submit a copy of your professional license to to obtain your CE certificate. As with all continuing education, it is understood that the wellness provider is responsible for verifying that information provided in courses is within the wellness provider’s state and/or local scope of practice as defined by law. In addition, course participants should be advised that additional training and education is required to be truly proficient in any topic. Once course is complete, wellness provider will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Cosmetologists, Hair Braiders, Barbers, Natural Hair Care Specialists: 4 Hours IA, 5 Hours IL, 4 Hours NC, 4 Hours NE

  • Estheticians, Makeup Artists: 4 Hours IA, 5 Hours IL, 4 Hours NC, 4 Hours NE

  • Beauty Educators: 5 Hours IL