About the Course:

The course prerequisite is to hold an appropriate license as a barber, cosmetologist, esthetician, hair braider, makeup artist, massage therapist, nail technician or beauty educator.

The Details:

This course will provide CE approved hours varying by state. Please see below for further details.

Course overview: This course is designed for beauty and wellness professionals to learn about the Compound Effect and how to apply it to your career. You will learn a simple principle to help you make your workplace tasks and goals much more attainable and achievable. Learning Objective: This course will provide information and tools about the Compound Effect and how it can be helpful in your career. If implemented into your career, with time, it can have long lasting results.

Continuing Education Approved for:

Below is the list of CE Hour approval. Please submit a copy of your professional license to info@brillianceadvancedbeautyeducation.com to obtain your CE certificate. As with all continuing education, it is understood that the wellness provider is responsible for verifying that information provided in courses is within the wellness provider’s state and/or local scope of practice as defined by law. In addition, course participants should be advised that additional training and education is required to be truly proficient in any topic. Once course is complete, wellness provider will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Cosmetologists, Hair Braiders, Barbers, Natural Hair Care Specialists: 2 Hours IA, 2 Hours IL, 2 Hours NC, 2 Hours NE

  • Manicurists /Nail Technicians, Estheticians, Makeup Artists: 2 Hours IA, 2 Hours IL, 2 Hours NC, 2 Hours NE

  • Massage Therapists 2 Hours CT, 2 Hours IA, 2 Hours NC

  • Beauty & Wellness Educators: 2 Hours IL